Aromatherapy Recipes For Natural Acne Treatment

Published: 17th April 2009
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Aromatherapy has its roots in the ancient practice of using natural plant essences in order to promote health and well being. As an alternative medicine, it is typically used to treat an array of different illnesses and health conditions. Acting on the central nervous system, it is used to relieve conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress. Aromatherapy recipes are some of the best therapies in natural acne treatment.

Through the blending of essentials oils and carriers such as jojoba oil, these recipes exhibit antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help control outbreaks and promote healing.

A few simple precautions need to be observed. Some of these recipes contain certain essential oils that should not be used during pregnancy, such as juniper tree oil and Lebanese cedar oil. Bergamot essential oil should be used only if you can avoid sunlight exposure for at least 12 hours. If you are being treated by a dermatologist, or have anything more than a minor skin condition, you should seek professional advice before using.

Not all essential oils are useful for acne treatment, so we will note a few that are effective.

Some of the recommended essential oils for acne control are Cedarwood, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Geranium, Grapefruit, Juniper, Lebanese Cedar, Bergamot and Tea Tree.

Lavender essential oil and Tea Tree seemed to be well tolerated by most users and Tea Tree is one of the best and most popular for natural acne treatment.

Aromatherapy recipes consist of a mixture of two or more oils that work together to produce the desired results. Here are a few easy recipes that you can make at home.

Mix the following in a small bottle or container:

• 1oz. jojoba oil

• 10 drops of lavender oil

• 7 drops of tea tree oil

• 2 drops of bergamot oil

• 1 drop geranium oil

(To mix without the bergamot oil, simply use 12 drops of lavender oil).

Shake ingredients well and apply to your face, neck or back. Avoid your eyes, nose or the inside of your ears.

Another simple recipe is to mix (2) drops of juniper oil and Lebanese cedar oil in a small amount of water and apply every two hours. One more recipe is, (2) drops of juniper oil in (1) spoonful of jojoba oil, mix and apply to pimples.

For body acne, try adding a few drops these essential oils to a non-perfumed body lotion and apply at bedtime. A guide line for mixing essential oils with a carrier is approximately 2-3%.

As with any acne treatment, these too will take time to work. If you have a serious skin condition, please consult with a dermatologist. For allergy prone skin it may be wise to try applying the oils in a small area first.

The information provided here has hopefully opened one more avenue for you as you seek successful treatment. If you have no experience in mixing these oils, you will want to consult the professionals before you begin to make your own aromatherapy recipes. It is important to know how the oils act and will interact with each other.

Recipes or blends and the essential oils needed are easy to obtain, especially online. You will be provided with a list of ingredients that you will need and how to mix them correctly for the best results. This field is growing more and more popular as a viable alternative medicine in the treatment of many issues of the body and mind, especially stress which can also be a contributor to skin conditions.

Equipped with a few essential oils and the knowledge of how to use them could make a tremendous difference in your physical and mental well being. Imagine clearer skin, more confidence and peace of mind through natural acne treatment with aromatherapy recipes.

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